Carolyn Sterling


My "method" has changed and grown through my teachers, Roberto Lupetti and Libby Berry. Roberto introduced me to the incredible world of Renaissance painting. When I first walked into his studio I was overcome with wonder. He had several finished works hung on the wall of his gallery. I had never seen paintings like his, and could only compare them with paintings in museums I had viewed throughout Europe. He was indeed a great master. He was born and raised in Florence, Italy and learned the Renaissance technique of painting first-hand. I studied with him for 4 years, and my love of really fine art grew. I used to sit and watch him paint for hours. I was totally overjoyed to be able to have him teach me the techniques of the "Old Masters".  He passed away in 1998, and I still miss him.

I met Libby Berry in 1992. I took Libby's course "The Fundamentals of Masterpiece Painting". She operates The New Renaissance Academy in Whidbey Island, WA. Libby is an absolute master of visual perception and how it pertains to art. She offers the secret formulas used by the Renaissance painters and passes along these techniques to her students.  Through Libby, I learned the secret of how to balance shadow and light and how to apply paint in layers in order to obtain gorgeous brilliant colors on the canvas. Her instructions gave me a true knowledge of color and how to use it to obtain the results I always desired.


What is a Giclée?

Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a French word meaning "spraying of paint". The word is used to describe prints produced by a high definition inkjet printer. Giclees are such high quality prints, they are accepted by museums. The stunning quality is enhanced by printing on canvas. All my giclees are printed on canvas and then sealed with a UV inhibitor varnish. 

All the paintings featured on my website are available in giclee print. They can be printed larger than the original or printed smaller than the original. This gives my clients the flexibility of choosing the painting of their choice and having it printed in a size that accommodates their needs. Please contact me regarding any questions you may have regarding your interest in a giclee of my work.